During the larp you will sleep either in a historical tent or in a Viking-age inspired hut. Even though the larp is in May we recommend to bring good sleeping equipment. If there is a demand we will explore the possibility of providing sleeping equipment for an additional cost.

There will be the possibility of bringing your own tent, historical or modern. Either if you want to sleep off-game in a modern tent, or privately in your own historical tent, this will not affect the price.

You will need to bring: a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a neutral blanket to hide it with.


There will be one outhouse in the village and two festival sit-only toilets near/in the village, and there are two modern toilets available at a nearby parking lot, 100 meters away from the primary location.


There is little to no electricity at Yxengaard (in cases of emergency come to we can provide some in the organiser area).


There are no showers on the location, there will be a washing station, with equipment to wash yourself. Here will be possibility to access cold water for washing and you can heat your own water over the fire if you so wish. It is a good idea to bring a cloth or a sponge for washing yourself.

The ocean is 30 minutes walk from Yxengaard.


The location is not heated and we suggest that players prepare for cold weather.

The major houses have fireplaces.