The larp runs in five consecutive acts, there will be no break in between. These acts are guidelines for the pacing of the larp. The scheduled times follow a tentative plan, which is subject to change. All times are in CEST.

We expect our participants arrive on location the 25th at 15:00 and leave the 29th after lunch around 13:00. 

Pre-Runtime Activities

Wednesday the 25th

14:00-15:00 All participants arrive on site with access to their accommodation.

15:00 Welcome briefing followed by workshops. There will be dinner served around 18:00 followed by more workshops and briefings. Around 21:00 we will move on to character and relationship building, with plenty of time for informal discussions between players and groups.

Thursday the 26th

08:00-09:00 Breakfast. 

09:00-09:30 Players are transported to their starting location, followed by a “getting into character” exercise. 

10:30 The larp begins.

Act 1 - Beginnings

Thursday Morning til Thursday Evening. This act will end as the story of Poppo is told. 

As the local clans prepare for the arrival of their guests, the other clans are travelling to Yxengaard. The players are finding their way into their characters. Tension is low, feuds are simmering but are not out in the open yet. During this act most of the clans will be travelling, either on horseback or on foot, while the two local clans will find their way around Yxengaard village while they are getting into character. After the last of the nine clans has  arrived, The Jarl of Yxengaard will throw a welcoming feast.

Traveling might mean meeting people and seeing modern buildings who are not part of the larp. While this is not ideal, we want to provide the travelling experience and the final stretch of forest will through the forest surrounding Yxengaard and will provide a space to remain in character undisturbed.

Act 2 - Trials

Thursday Evening till Friday Dinner. Starts when the story of Poppo is told in front of the hosting Jarl, by the end of dinner.

As the characters become aware of their differences the tension rises and the characters are tried and tested in their worldview, alliances and convictions. Old feuds are relit, friendships and romances get complications, oaths are sworn and challenges are made. Most of these things are seeds of things to come later.  In this act the young characters have to display their skills, and try their best to earn an armring - which will earn them their right to vote at the Thing.

Act 3 - Memories

Friday Dinner till Saturday Morning. Starts when the Æsir Mystics begin their blot ritual.

In the third act the characters remember the old gods, either to recall what they fight for or as a final goodbye. During this act the tension becomes personal, and people are faced with the reality of their current loyalties. They reflect on what they have and what they have done to get where they are. Some characters will have their ideals reinforced while others will find a new place to stand before the coming conflicts. 

Act 4 - Clashes

Saturday Morning till Saturday Dinner. This act begins when the Christians host their religious ceremony on Saturday morning. 

In this act the tensions get too much and tempers boil over. Conflicts are out in the open, scores are settled, and the last matters are decided. This is the time for grand gestures, to renounce your faith, or fight a holmgang, to declare your love, to sacrifice everything; for the deeds of heroes that will never be forgotten.

Act 5 - End of a World

Saturday Dinner till The end of the larp (1.5 hours). Begins when the lawspeaker announces the gathering at the Thingstead an hour in advance.

In the final act the characters realise the world as they know it is coming to an end.  Their unity in faith and loyalties is broken and a new world is coming. This is the time to finish the stories you have been making and create the closure you need.

At the very end of this larp all of the characters will gather and vote at the Thing. The Larp will end shortly after the Lawspeaker has announced the outcome of the final vote, either with an offering to the Old Gods or a prayer to the new one.

Post Runtime Activities

Saturday the 28th

21:00 Ending speech followed by an afterparty

Sunday the 29th

All of these activities are optional and players can leave as they see fit.

09:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Structured Debrief (Optional) 

12:00-13:00 Lunch

After lunch we will tidy up and leave the site.