Homestead: Borg (Northern Norway)

Leader: Signe of Bodin 


The Hålogaland clan live at the end of the world and many are the stories of the power of their volvas and shamans. Some even say that the leaders of the clan hail from a lineage of shape shifters and can talk with the animals of the earth, sea and sky. They protect the trade routes up north and explore the lands to the east, past the White Sea. What they have found there only they can tell. 

Here and now

The jarl Eigil died without an heir a few years ago. His brother Tore was expected to become the new jarl, but Eigils widow Signe would hear nothing of it. As Tore is a weakling, the men of the clan rallied around their old jarls widow, daring anyone to bring their grievances to the thing at Frosta. No one did, and as the clan is experiencing uncommon good fortunes lately, this unusual arrangement seems to have gained the favour of the gods. And no one dare question the will of the masters of Åsgard. 


The Hålogaland clan is steeped in tradition and do not like the teachings of the White Christ. As such, they will in time find themselves on the side of the old gods in the struggles and fighting to come. But what can they expect to achieve when the combined forces of the powerful kings of the south are committed to this new god? Do earthly oaths of loyalty count anymore when the kings of Midgard  betray the gods of Åsgard?