Homestead Thysyssel, (Northwestern Jutland - Present day Denmark)

Leader Holger Runeson


Just as the Thiud clan were the most loyal troops to the former king Gorm the Old,  they now keep King Harald Bluetooth’s power secure. Loyalty, virtue and strength are their guiding principles, and they take pride in being respected and feared both by other clans and beyond the borders of the kingdom. Under the leadership of jarl Holger, they have risen to become a force that one would be wise not to anger or ignore. 

Here and now

When the king returned to Denmark, a large part of the warriors of the clan was with him and had been present at his conversion to the new religion. As loyal warriors it is not their place to question the actions of Bluetooth in this, but there are certainly questions being raised around the evening fires back home. What might really be challenging their bonds of loyalty though, is the King’s great plan to fortify the kingdom. 


The clan has been tasked with building the fort Aggersborg for the king. Of course, fortifications might be valuable in case of war, but putting the warriors of Thiud to work on building them? Warriors are meant for swinging swords, not shovels. The king should have the farmers and the thralls build so that his warriors can defend his kingdom, as it should be.