Homestead: Uppsala, Svealand (Present day Sweden)

Leader: Edda


The Ulvinge clan are said to be as old as time itself and are the proud guardians of the old temple of Uppsala. Their spiritual leader Edda is said to be one of the wisest and most powerful volvas there is, and as such she has the ear of the Æsir themselves. Their power is great in the worldly realm too, and they have been fiercely loyal to the swedish king Eric the Victorious, providing him with many warriors and healers over the years. 

Here and now

The clan has travelled here on behalf of King Eric the Victorious. Not only does the king feel the pressure of the White Christ on the borders of his lands, but he would not wish anyone to get any ideas about war and conquest in the name of this weakling god. The clan is tasked with forming alliances and keeping the peace, but only if the price is right. The King is known for his prowess in battle and he will not bend his knee without a fight.  


The fate of King Harald Bluetooth and his fledgling nation is really not much of a concern to the Ulvinge clan. Let the warring clans of the south deal with theirs, and let the northern clans stay out of it. In regards to the religious dispute, things are different. The relentless march of the White Christ needs to stop before it reaches Svealand. By talks and diplomacy if possible, by the sword if necessary. The King is not looking for a fight, but if one is brought to his door, he is sure that he will once again earn his nickname as Eric the Victorious.