The Story

Encouraged by the queen, Gyrid Olafsdotti, king Harald Bluetooth of Denmark has decreed that Christianity is the new faith of the Danes. As a reaction the vǫlva Ragna the Old has inspired the Jarls of Northern Jutland to call for a Grand Thing. At this political assembly they will discuss and decide how to respond to the royal declaration, but a Thing of this size is fraught with danger. Old feuds will be reignited, hearts crushed and restored, bargains made, curses woven and broken, and the deeds of the people will be remembered; the Last Song is not yet sung...

Jarl (plural jarls)

The King has led the Danes to many victories against their enemy from the south, but in the end he had to accept his defeat and converted to the Christrian religion. In doing so, the King angered the Æsir. And lately he has also been reckless in the use of his warriors, by ordering them to carry out manual labour and thereby angered many among the Danes. One of them is the King’s own son, Svend Forkbeard, a man who seems set to tear down his father's rule. It is said that Svend and his ally Jarl Palantoke will be at the gathering to recruit people to join the Jomsvikings, to fight against the King. However, the Northern Clans also include factions loyal to the king, led by Thyra of Denmark, Svend’s own sister. 

Hird (plural hirds)

Things of this size are rarely called, and as the Norse assemble at the Thingstead old disputes are re-lit. Now conflicts of land, blood debts, and family ties are all brought into question. Meanwhile the Thing’s Peace must be upheld - a tradition and law forbidding acts of violence between all those who attend and travel to the Thing. Anyone who breaks said peace will be declared an outlaw or be enthralled. 

þing (genitive þings, plural þing)

And in the midst of conflict comes reunions, markets, and celebration; the gathering of this many people brings merchants with their goods and skalds with their tales. Thing is a place where you meet old friends and long lost love gets another chance; all while the Æsir must be honoured.

In the end the choice is yours to make; Will you go to war against the king? Or will you cast away the Æsir? How will you change history?