Food and drink

During the event we will provide food and coffee. Each clan will have the possibility to cook for themselves and we will provide ingredients and recipes for historical cooking. For those who prefer, there is also the possibility of bringing your eating bowl to the host's hearth, and get a portion of food served by our kitchen crew.

You will need to bring:  A wooden bowl, a drinking vessel, a spoon, and a knife, that you will be responsible for cleaning.

If you have specific dietary requirements, we will work to meet them. Please make it clear in the practical form if you have any specific allergies or intolerances so we can ensure that all foods are clearly labelled and/or correctly distributed. 


You can bring your own alcohol to the game. 

We would trust you to be adults. Remember this event is primarily a larp, the majority of the participants goes there to larp. Drink with respect for the larp and for your co-players. If we deem you a disturbance to the larp, we will insist you take a break until you have sobered up. However there are some rules we like you to follow: