Riding and Animals

16 players will have had the opportunity to buy a riding ticket. Players with these tickets should be aware that they will be taking care of a living animal, and they will be riding through the North Jutland landscape around Yxengaard. 

Arrive on horseback!

Two of the travelling clans will ride to the gathering, before the larp starts they will be driven to a nearby riding facility where they will be lend a horse and set off on their in character journey back to the location. 

You should expect to ride on an Icelandic Horse for two to three hours and happens during the first act. Doing so with modern gear for the horse, and a modern riding helmet. 

The horses are not re-enactment trained, but rather traditional tourist horses. They have a carrying capacity ranging 80 kg to 90 kg, meaning you are unlikely to be able to wear armour. There is no insurance included in the horse rental; you are responsible for your insurance coverage and your health, as is the case with most activities in Denmark. We strongly recommend you wear the helmet.

The horses will be removed from the location after the first act, shortly after their arrival. 

The Rider Supplement costs 250 EUR will provide you with an Icelandic Horse to ride during an epic journey. Signing up for this part of the experience requires commitment to have had or getting at least one riding lesson before the larp. There are up to 16 of these supplement tickets available.

The package the local horse renters provide: 

We will transport you from Yxengaard to the riding school.