Registration for The Last Song is open and is closed by 28/1-24, if we do not have 100 participants we will call-off the event.

Age requirements

Anybody above the age of 18 can attend the larp.

Anybody above the age of 16 can attend the larp, with a signed permission slip from their legal guardian.

Anybody between 12-16 can attend the larp with a signed permission slip from their legal guardian and an approved accompanying player above 18 who is responsible for the young player during the larp. They have to play a character of their own age, and the person responsible for them will be cast as their in-game guardian.

Anybody below the age of 12 can attend with their legal guardian as their in-game guardian. They have to play a character their own age.


Participants pay the fee based on their ticket type in addition to the administration fees from Stripe.

After your sign up you will receive a payment link with a card payment process. The payer has to put in the name of the participant(s) whom they are paying for.


Avalon Larp Studio makes inclusive events. Our larps are not spaces for hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other behaviour that expresses prejudice or discrimination. Hate speech, discriminatory language, slurs, and deliberate off-game bullying, both before and during the event, will be considered a breach of our code of conduct and will be dealt with immediately. We understand that some organisations and individuals would like to co-opt Norse culture for their own Nazi aims; we reject their ideals and motivations and strongly suggest that they back the fuck off. 

Paying in installments

It is possible to divide the payment into two instalments of equal size, each of them will have a card administration fee from Stripe. The initial instalment is paid immediately after confirming your participation, the second instalment has to be paid by 2/2-2024. If you want to pay in instalments you have to note this in your registration form. We will only remind you once about each instalment. If you do not contact us or pay for your ticket in due time you will lose your spot at the larp.