Jarl (plural jarls)

  • (historical) A Scandinavian noble; Earl (poetic) a highborn, noble or warrior.

Hird (plural hirds)

  • An informal retinue of personal armed companions, hirdmen or housecarls.

þing or Thing (genitive þings, plural þing)

  • thing: a regional parliament of nearby clans, traditionally headed by an elected jarl.

Æsir (singular Áss, sometimes Aes)

  • The principal group of benevolent deities in the Norse pantheon.

Ætt (genitive ættar, plural ættir)

  • Family, clan, extraction, pedigree

fimbulvetur (genitive singular fimbulvetrar, nominative plural fimbulvetur)

  • A harsh winter preceding the end of the world. During this time ties of blood will no longer be respected: the next-of-kin will lay together and brothers will kill brothers.

húskarl (plural húskarlar)

  • (historical) A member of the Scandinavian royal household troops.