Homestead: Western Götaland (Present day Sweden)

Leader: Skoglar Toste & Sigrid the Haughty


The Floby clan travels far and wide from their homestead of Western Götaland and they are feared by those who live on far away shores. Under the leadership of the mighty warrior Jarl Skoglar, few can stand against them in times of war and unrest. Their travels and plunder have made them wealthy and powerful. Many are the warriors that flock to this clan in search of riches of their own.

Here and now

The Jarl just returned with his warband from foreign shores, their longboats filled to the brim with treasure and thralls. He is known to treat his warriors with much generosity, although some would say that he squanders his wealth when he should be more concerned with strengthening the holdings of the clan. Among his advisors, his fierce daughter Sigrid the Haughty misses no opportunity to let her father know how he is throwing away his shot at creating a legacy that would go far beyond just raiding and plunder. 


The clan seems to be at a crossroads. The warrior ways of the jarls old guard are getting challenged by the political thinking of those who listen to Sigrid the haughty. With the recent dramatic shifts in power as king Harald Bluetooth decided to follow the White Christ, things that they thought were set in stone are now all in motion. The clan does have several members that have converted, but when a king decides to take the step, the world shakes. If the clan positions itself well, they might reap great rewards when things settle down again.