Homestead Sebbersund in Himmerland (Northeastern Jutland - Present day Denmark)

Leader Odd One-Eye 


At Sebbersund, the Himmerland clan reside over one of the most important trading ports in Denmark. They are both wealthy traders and often the first to hear if something is stirring outside of the borders of the kingdom.  As such, Christianity is already well known to the clan and many of their own have already converted, the jarl Odd being one of them. 

Here and now

Jarl Odd had a chapel built at Sebbersund and right now plans are being laid for a full-sized church. Evil tongues will have it that the jarl is only interested in white Christ because of the money he makes from trading with Christian traders in the south, but there is no denying that his sister Svanhild is a true believer. Her power has grown as more and more of the people convert to the new religion and she is now someone to be reckoned with even outside the lands of the clan. Some say she even has the ear of the king himself. 


A new day is dawning, and the clan is at the very centre of the new powers that are taking over from the old. If they play the game right, they will emerge more powerful than most. Maybe they might even dare to dream about the crown itself?