Homestead: Halland

Leader: Bodil Ulfrsdaughter


The Isenhult clan has built its power on the skills and strength of its iron smiths. Be it weapons of war or tools to use in time of  peace, the Isenhult clan are the ones to speak to if you need the very best that money can buy. They are proud of their craftsmanship and are known for their honesty and fairness. Their friendship is sought by many, but their loyalty is not easy to buy with riches or gold. Show yourself to be honest, dependable and truthful, and you will find a home with them. 

Here and now

The clan has mostly been known as peaceful artisans and farmer, but under the leadership of Bodil Ulfrsdaughter they have also wielded the weapons they make themselves to great success in raids to the east. In the beginning, some were reluctant to follow the young warrior into battle, but now the clan seems to have closed ranks behind her, her prowess in battle and the riches she has brought back being enough to convince even the most reluctant ones. 


The leader has plotted a new course for the clan to follow. So far it has brought success and added riches to their already fairly full coffers. Yet, there are those who wonder if the clan would not be better off doing what they have always done best. Who knows what will happen when the other clans sense the newfound political ambition and warmongering of the clan?