Homestead: Mainly Jellingesyssels with multiple outside members (Central Jutland - Present day Denmark)

Leader: Thyra of Denmark


Jellinge is the royal clan of the danish Kingdom, their Leader Harald Bluethooth, is the king of kings. Lords and nobles all over Scandinavia have sworn oaths of loyalty to him. The Jellinge clans have been the vanguard in the defence of the Norse lands. The Holy Roman empire has been presenting form the south and the warriors of Jellinge have been time and time again deliverable victories and kept the Norse safe. And now, after the King has found a way to peace, a way to end the fighting and the Norse people have the audacity to question him. They shall remember their oaths, accept their baptisms, or perish like the dishonest worms they are.

Here and now

The Jellinge Clan was neither invited to the Thing nor are they there on behalf of King Harald. Thyra of Denmark, the King’s daughter has brought her entourage to the Grand thing in order to remind the people of their oaths to her father. Harald is their king and he has devoted himself to their protection, and they seem to have forgotten who they serve. The majority members of this group are of Christian faith or at least positive towards it.  Part of the entourage stem from other parts of Scandinavia attending out of loyalty to Thyra or her father.


In defiance of their king, this following of Thyra have put the name of Jellinge Dynasty further into question. While their presence at the Thing will be respected, it was certainly not requested, and will only add to the already high tension of the gathering. In the end, Jellinges fate will be answered by a  simple question: will their pride be their demise or will they stand strong and regain the loyalty of the people?