Homestead: Lade, Trondheim (Norway)

Leader: Haakon the Powerful


The clan is wealthy because of its rich farmlands, the trade from the provinces they rule in the arctic and their right to collect taxes from the sami people.  They are proud and never forget those who trespass against them. 

Here and now

Haakon Sigurdsson is the undisputed leader of the clan. After his father’s death at the hands of the sons of Eric Bloodaxe, the clan has withheld their taxes to the norwegian king Harald Greycloak. There is a fragile truce in place after the hostilities between the clan and the king, but for now peace is holding. Their loyalty to the danish king is high, although mostly it might be because they know better than to challenge him. The northern clans could learn a thing or two from them in that regard, as there always seem to be someone wanting to challenge the Lade clans rightful rule over their lands. 


The reason why the norwegian king had the former jarl killed was probably because he fears the power of the Lade clan. Their hold on the northern lands make them abundantly rich and they are about to rise to their potential. Add to this that their current jarl is respected far and wide for his extreme prowess as a military leader,  it becomes only natural to speak about the legitimacy of the rule of King Harald Greycloak.