Homestead: Hafrsfjord (Western Norway near Stavanger)

Leader: Ranghild Lodinsdatter in place for her young son Jarl Erling Skjalgsson.


The Sola clan is known for building ships that can cross the great sea, and as such, their homestead is a often used gathering port for norse raids. They are an old clan and they hold tradition in high regard. If for instance someone were to break the peace of the Thing, they will be the first to act.

Here and now

Jarl Erling Skjalgsson is but a young boy, so it is his mother Ragnhild that currently is the actual leader of the Sola clan. Her rule is a fair one, and she makes sure to keep up the traditions of the old gods and honour the legacy of her dead husband. The people of Sola see the wisdom in her, and they stay loyal. The clan currently have the resources and ships to create a large fleet. So if there are warriors that are looking to go viking at this Thing, the Sola clan would be the ones to talk to. 


Sola is on the brink of becoming a significant seat of power in the western part of Norway. The recent death of Jarl Torolv Skjalg Ogmundsson means that clans and warriors who were previously loyal have begun to waver. They need to see a united strong clan, with a future leader who, like his father before him, listens to the freefolk of the land. While the Jarl of Sola is young and inexperienced, he is destined for great things. It is up to his family to guide him and shape him to become a jarl that people will follow.