Homestead: Kaupang, Vestfold (Near Oslo in Norway) 

Leader: Gudrod Bjornson & Astrid Ericsdaughter


The Viken clan are expert traders and their ships range far and wide from their trading post at Kaupang. Their lands have been at the front of clashes between the danes and the norsemen for a long time, and as such they have learned to navigate the treacherous waters of diplomacy and politics. Wise be the one that seek their guidance in matters such as these. 

Here and now

After King Haakon the good made Gudrud Bjornson the jarl of Viken things have mostly been peaceful and prosperous for the clan. The current king, Harald Greycloak, is a different kind though, and after he had Gudruds foster brother Tryggve Olavsson killed, the clan has been looking to their jarl to react. So far, peace and prosperity has prevailed, but it might just be a question of time before that all changes. Astrid Ericsdaughter, the respected and loved widow of the deceased Tryggve, has been keeping the clanfolks loyal to their jarl. 


There is trouble brewing in Viken and times of war are coming. Jarl Gudrud will have to react to the slaying of his brother soon, or risk losing the support of his folk. They might be peaceful in Viken, but they know that blood must be paid with blood. Soon, the clan will be put to yet another test, one that might end all their visions of glory and power, but chances are that the newly returned Olav Tryggvason might just tip the scales in their favour.