Homestead Vendsyssel (Northern Jutland - Present day Denmark)

Leader Jarl Asgier Silvertongue & Ragna The Old


Yxengaard has been a stronghold of the Norse faith for generations. Neighbouring clans and residents of the surrounding clans have been invited to take part in the ceremonies and celebrations of the Æsir, making Yxengaard known for its hospitality and generosity. All the while the clan has been a prominent supporter of the King, fighting alongside him in the wars against the enemy to the south and providing resources when needed. 

Here and now

After the King declared the Danes Christian, Yxengaard have been a place of conflict. As a Clan, they insist on their loyalty to the king and stay true to their oaths, while they are denying to follow him in the Christain Ways. This conflict has built up to a power struggle between the clans nobles and mystics, who are feuding for the support of the members of the clan.  And in the end this is what made them call for the Grand Thing.


Yxengaard has called for gathering quite unlike anything that has happened before. The clans hosibilitatly will be put to the test, especially since their loyalty to the king will be put to the test by all of their guests, while it is their responsibility to enforce the Thing’s peace.